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Cranbury Housing Associates, Inc. – or CHA as it is commonly called –celebrated its 50th year serving the residents of Cranbury in 2015.

CHA - is a volunteer, not-for-profit corporation and is managed by a 12 person Board of Directors and hires a part-time property management firm to handle the day to day operations of our affordable housing. Its work provides a benefit to all Cranbury residents, and especially those with low and moderate incomes.

The original objectives of CHA were to improve and provide for the housing needs of low-income, disadvantaged and permanent residents of the area. From its start until the mid-1980’s, CHA was a hands on organization, with many of the projects undertaken with volunteer labor and minimal financial support.

After the “Mount Laurel” Supreme Court decision in 1984, the focus of CHA shifted to one of being a development organization, seeking public and private funding, designing and constructing new projects. For the past 30 years, it has worked in partnership with the Township helping to meet its original and continuing affordable housing obligations as established by the State.

The organization continues to manage the rental and sale of past projects and short and long term maintenance of the properties. As of 2016, CHA has developed 96 units of new affordable housing to meet the requirements of the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH), enabling the Town to avoid the “Builders Remedy” or high density housing consisting of both affordable and market rate housing. Of those 96 units built, 20 are senior rentals, 46 are family rentals and 30 are family sales units. Thirty-two (32) new family rental units are under construction on a new site.